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A1 Lock Services
Carpentry - Locks - Glazing
8am-8pm Covering the
City of Brighton & Hove

Offered Service Details.
Charges are based on a £45 fee for the first hour on-site, and rarely required, every 15 minutes taken from our standard hourly rate thereafter. Currently no credit or debit cards are taken, cheques only at the visiting engineers discretion. A visit to a nearby ATM may be offered if required. Attention to your request is subject to availability and current works in progress. We endeavour to attend to your premises if and when agreed on prices or nature of work, within 30 minutes. Please note we do NOT attend to vehicle locks or alarmed premises that have not or cannot be disarmed by thew client. Proof of residency or ownership will be required if not obvious at the time of arrival. Mortise & sashlocks suggested are ABI recommended that comply with BS3621/BS8621:2004 Security fittings recommended & backed up by a stockist of a century & a half of their experience. All new glazing work complies with British Standard 6206: 1981 (1994)'

Additional Services
Carpentry repairs following others forced entry.

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